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Mandate of SIA at University of Johannesburg


About us


全球卓越和地位(GES)倡议于2014年启动,作为一种整合和结构化的方法,促进整个机构的变革,以提高大学使命和行政支持职能的有效性和效率. These are:
  • GES 1.0 initiative
  • GES 4.0举措:随着2018年新任校长(VC)和校长的就职, SIA, 在DVC的监督下:研究和国际化, 领导和促进战略的制定和实施.0 Initiative, 这是VC在不断变化的社会背景下将博菜网站大全定位于第四次工业革命(4IR)的愿景的沉淀, political and economic fortunes of Africa. This initiative builds on the success of the GES 1.0,预计将为博菜网站大全的总体战略目标增加重大动力,如战略计划2025中所述,实现全球卓越和地位.

The GES Initiative has interlinked catalytic interventions, 谁的特定目标与大学战略计划2025的目标一致和支持. In particular, 这些干预措施旨在加强大学的学术和研究能力以及领导能力, with an ultimate goal of increasing research outputs and impact.

The GES catalytic interventions supported by SIA are:
  • Flagship Institutes and Programmes
  • 特聘教授及特聘客座教授计划(DPs及DVPs)
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellows (PDRFs)
  • Postgraduate students (master’s and doctoral)
  • Ensure success of all programmes
  • Coordinate, manage and act as a key contact point
  • Identify and broker strategic partnerships
  • Facilitate and encourage partnerships
  • Performance Reporting
  • Staff Qualification Programme
  • Staff Research Productivity Programme
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellows Research Productivity
  • Ensure success of all programmes
  • Research and benchmark on successful interventions and strategies
  • 起草和执行提高方案效力的建议
  • Business intelligence
  • Performance reporting


  • Reviewing and revising policies
  • Drafting of proposals and statutory reports for the Research & Innovation Division
  • 管理和促进战略研究项目和与外部机构合作的机会
  • 管理、指导、协调以及概念化和主持一些年度讲座